s w e e t s.

Well y’all, it’s no secret, I LOVE dessert. Truly. If sugar was a nutritious and healthy substance for our bodies, I’d be the healthiest person around:) And if I was the type of person that could eat anything I wanted at any time of the day and not gain a pound, I would have dessert before and after every single meal. I’ve prayed more times than I can count that God would take away my sweet tooth and make me totally disgusted at the thought of sweets. I know, both weird and crazy. I would just rather the desire for sweets to just go away than practice the discipline of saying no….BUT since the love and craving for desserts hasn’t left me, I guess I’ll just continue to enjoy them:)

My husband and I are young adult pastors at our church, and once a month we have our leaders over to eat, enjoy each others company, and dream about what we want the future of the young adult ministry to look like. And when there are people in our home, there is almost always food! I love to make food for people. Especially desserts:) So for tonight, I wanted to keep everything pretty simple and sort of picnic like. I was inspired by a pin on Pinterest of strawberry shortcake and based the food for the night around that of course. Instead of doing a large dish of dessert, I wanted to do little portions because I think it’s less intimidating and more inviting to eat that way:) I did half strawberry shortcake and half dirt cake because let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love either of those options?!

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How cute are desserts when they are in small portions?! Typically I would have done cute little mason jars, but since there are a lot of people, I thought for tonight plastic cups would make an easier clean up at the end of the night. So, as promised, I am going to post the recipes for both. I have already tried them…I couldn’t resist, and they are delicious! These are so great for any party, gathering, baby shower, etc. Super easy, incredibly inexpensive, and delish:)

Here are the recipes for both:

Strawberry shortcake.

1 box of angel food cake // 1 tbs sugar // 1 1/4C milk // 1 box of cheesecake flavored instant pudding // 1 carton of cool whip // 1 large carton of strawberries

-bake the angel food cake per box instructions

-slice strawberries, put them in a bowl, and sprinkle the sugar on them

-make the cheesecake pudding per instructions on the box

-once angel food cake is cool, cut up into small pieces

-layer the ingredients in the cup (cake, pudding, cool whip, strawberries)

(recipe is compliments of “uncommon design” found on Pinterest)

Dirt cake.

4oz cream cheese softened // 1/4C butter softened // 1/2C powdered sugar // 8oz cool whip // 1 box instant white chocolate pudding mix // 1 1/2C milk // 2 sleeves of Oreos

-smash up Oreos in a bowl. don’t remove the filling

-mix cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar in a bowl. add cool whip until blended.

-in a separate bowl mix pudding mix with milk, once combined add it to cream cheese mixture

-layer your ingredients in your cup or jar. Oreos, pudding, top with Oreos. Repeat if you have room. Then for garnish add a full Oreo at the top


There you have it! Hope you all enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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