monday mom thoughts.

Well hi friends! I haven’t written on my blog site in quite some time, but given the season of life we are in, I have nothing but time! So I thought I would start the week off with a mom thought. Parenting is a part of my everyday life and probably a part of a lot of your lives too so why not talk about it right? So here is my mom thought of the day, enjoy:)

I find this time so interesting because for months now I have been saying how I so badly wish I could spend more of my days with my kids and not have to work quite as much. And, although I had imagined this being under different circumstances, here I am, living in what I have been desiring. And the funniest thing about it, is yesterday I thought, I’m ready for life to be back to normal already!:) Haha, I’m so fickle! To be honest though, it was just a long day yesterday. I was tired, irritable, and just ready to be done for the day. And those feelings were all by 9 am! Any other mom with me? But, thank God for a fresh start every single day right?

We are all trying to navigate this time because its unknown, everything is uncertain, and things that we are used to doing freely are now being controlled for us. So, what I have chosen to embrace in this season (and will hopefully learn how to adjust to this type of thinking forever) is to control the controllables. I worry about things…a lot of things, and I get frustrated about things that are out of my control, and what I’ve learned is that all it does is rob me of my joy. And if there is anything I need during this time, its joy! So I’m trying to readjust my thoughts and instead of focusing on what I can not change, I am leaning into the things I am able to control. One of those being the time I have with my kids.

 Lets be honest, spending all day every day with our little ones AND to add in becoming a teacher overnight AND somehow working from home in between it all is a bit much. However, I am in control of my attitude towards my boys ( by the way I just yelled at them as I was typing this because they are being kids and the screaming is getting to me:) ) Haha! Okay, so we are in control or our attitudes. We started the day off by praying together with the boys and asking God for extra patience:) I think this is why God says to pray continually and without caesing because my patience lasted for 2.5 seconds before I already felt frustrated! I need to be asking for patience every other minute! I say this to encourage us as moms to embrace this time, whether it was desired or not, and try our very best to see it as a blessing that we get to hang out with our kids more. That we get to have a VERY up close and personal look to how they learn and grow in their school work. To access the inner kid in you and play games, do puzzles, have an endless amount of dance parties, watch movies and put your phone away, bake cookies with your kids, make a FaceTime call to your grandparents, have digital play dates! I don’t know, I may be crazy but I think it’s a pretty unique opportunity that we get to have extended time with our families. So today, I’m choosing to control what I can, to let go of what I cant, and to dance like I’m 10 again with my kids in hopes they think I’m still cool afterwards:) 


Have a great Monday y’all. I’ll write again soon:)

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