s u m m e r.

Well hey there all. It’s been an eternity since I have written. I feel like I could easily say it’s because I’ve just been so busy, but if I’m being honest, it’s simply because I haven’t prioritized this within my busyness. So, I am trying to challenge myself in being more proactive in writing because I really do love doing it. There is just something about putting your fingers to the keys and typing your thoughts and observations about things that is weirdly calming. So, with that said, I am going to write briefly about why the summer is starting off so exciting in the McDonald household!

I was talking to my mom a few week ago about how I wanted to buy Parker something for graduating kindergarten. I mean, I will find a way to celebrate anything for my kids if  it means buying them something new and exciting:) So anyways, I was telling her about this inflatable waterslide on amazon that looked super fun (even for adults) but I couldn’t get it because it was a little pricey for a “kindergarten grad” present. All of that said, she, being the kindest person ever, told me to send her the link so she could buy it for our boys! Truly, she is always finding a way to give to our kiddos, and it’s so sweet. So just like that, we now have a dual waterslide inflatable in our backyard and our boys are LOVING IT!!!!! It’s been the perfect start to summer. I’m writing this as I’m watching them play together on it, and it’s a dream.

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I took this picture as I was sitting here writing so it’s definitely not the best, but let’s be honest, what kid wants to stop what they are doing and pose for a picture right?! So I did it in real time….which I totally think is better;)

Speaking of writing while watching them play, we recently redid our patio and ever since we did, I feel like we have spent every waking moment out here in our newly decorated space! You may be wondering why in the world we swapped all of our outdoor furniture…allow me to explain

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Does the picture explain it enough? Haha, I’m just kidding. Allow me to really explain. I loved our original patio furniture. We bought it in October I from Overstock. Honestly, the furniture looked great, but I just didn’t feel like it went with our house the more I started decorating the inside of our home. Also, not to mention, it wasn’t the most comfortable seating. I took that risk ordering it online without being able to sit on it before purchasing, and at the time it was worth the risk. UNTIL one day I was strolling through Walmart, and I was browsing their outdoor section and low and behold, this beautiful wicker furniture was just sitting there screaming to be sat on. So, of course I walked over and took a seat just to check it out. Y’all, this furniture is so comfy and so cozy looking….I had to have it!

So, I did what I always do, I act impulsively and I immediately put our furniture on facebook marketplace to sell! It took a while for someone to agree to buy the entire set, but the moment it sold, I went to Walmart and bought our new furniture, and guys, it has been a dream. I’m not lying when I say we have spent every day out here on the patio since we bought it, and I’m loving it.

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With the new furniture came new inspiration so I did purchase a few additional things for the patio. I brought our big black planter boxes from the front porch (I had them there empty for 2 months because I was too scared to plant anything….I don’t have a green thumb) but when I got everything in place on the patio, the planters made sense here. So, again, I did what I do and I went and bought plants and dirt impulsively of course and tried to make these planters come to life. Y’all, right now, they look great….I’m just doing everything I can to keep these beauties alive so we will see how it goes from here!

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I also thought lanterns on the posts out here would look really beautiful and kind of seal the space. I bought some remote controlled candles for the insides, and they just complete the space out here. My future plans are to try and figure out how to get a dining table outside next…probably when it starts to get a bit cooler. But I’ll keep you posted:)  

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Well guys, that’s all I have for you right now. I am going to put the links down below to everything on our patio. And if you are looking for a good review on this furniture, take it from me, it’s super great. I would buy it all over again a million times. I hope y’all have a wonderful Monday. Stay tuned for more!



(I bought two sets)














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