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Hi everyone! I feel like it has been forever since my last blog post! My mom came to visit and was here for a week and a half, praise God! So I was trying to soak up all the time I could with her and my kiddos. She left yesterday and my youngest Beckham said “Mema got on the airplane and that makes me feel so sad.” If that doesn’t make you cry….!!!!! Needless to say, my boys love their mema:) But now that spring break is over and everyone is back to normal, I’m back to writing! I wanted to update y’all on the room I posted about on my instagram a few days ago.

We moved into our house about 7 months ago, and this room has been vacant since! What you see in that photo is all that is in that room…and the tv isn’t even plugged in so there is no real function in this space. Oh, and also there is a closet full of toys that my kids never actually play with but…who needs to see that right?:) Anyways, I haven’t filled this room for a few reasons, one being money (which is always the main reason for everything) and mostly yeah, just not having money deliberately set aside to complete this room. Also, I have made a commitment to myself that I will not in any way be impulsive with any room in our house when it comes to furnishing it and decorating it. I have lived our entire marriage being impulsive, and I end up with a bunch of stuff I like that will get me by and not stuff I love that will last. So I am determined to be different this time:) I also do not like to start a space if I can’t finish it all in the same breath! So I guess thats another reason I haven’t done this room because in my mind, it’s all or nothing. Anyone else like that when it comes to designing and decorating your home? It’s not a bad thing to have phases for each room, but for some reason the before and after is so much better to me if it can evolve like a 30 minute hgtv show. The people leave the house and within a 30 minute episode they walk back into their home and it’s completely renovated and redecorated and beautiful. So…if they can do it on tv, I should be able to do it in real life right?

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

Haha, that’s totally unrealistic. So, I am going to be doing this room in a few different phases. I wanted to show y’all a “mood board” I put together for this room. I put mood board in quotations because I have absolutely NO IDEA how to make one. I downloaded this app and played around with it for a few minutes, and I kind of gave up and just stopped with what I had created in 5 minutes. It’s totally not great. But hey, everything is a process right? Give me a few weeks and hopefully I’ll be much better at it!

In the photo above, The wall to the left of the window will be where the chase of the couch lands. I want to do a gallery all across that wall. I’m not sure what I want in the frames, either framed art from my kiddos or some more family photos. You can never have too many pictures of your family in your house! I also want to do bamboo roll up shades on all of the windows. I edit my photos so the walls look a bit more gray than they are in real life. My goal is to make all of the walls look the color they are in my edited photos! So a nice coat of paint is on the list as well for this room! I am going to keep the tv where it is and get upholstered swivel chairs for each side of the tv. I don’t know what it is about a swivel chair….but I totally love them! Other than that, I will do the couch, a rug, a coffee table, some art on the walls and then my favorite part….lots of accessorizing! I love accessorizing a room…it’s the most fun part of a project to me.

So with that said, I am going to show you the mood board I put together. Don’t laugh. Or do. Honestly, it’s so not good but I’m totally fine with everyone knowing that! I’m a work in progress folks! Photoshop is NOT my gift, but I will continue to be committed to learning it until I’m great at it! So here is the board…


We ordered our couch a week ago and it should be here by next week! It’s not real leather, but it will be so great for the kids because it’s wipeable!!! No stains, praise God. I’m not fully settled on a coffee table…I love the concrete one in the photo, but I’m also thinking about a wicker storage ottoman as well. I want to make sure this space is totally functional for kids and not just a pretty room that I never want my boys to be in! The frames will go on the gallery wall. I’m not sold on black but I am very much leaning towards black or a wood wash frame. The rug is one of my favorites, so much so that I already have it in our guest room, and I may just use it in this room as well. I am the type of person when I find something I love, I  buy a lot of it and use it in every room in our house! I bought a faux fern plant from target, and I’m pretty sure I have 3 or 4 of them throughout my house:) I mean, when you know you love it, why not right?!

Well, there you have it. My very elementary mood board that sums up the look I’m going for in that room:) If y’all have any questions on where anything is from, please feel free to ask in the comments! I can’t wait to post more once I start getting this room put together. I hope y’all have an amazing day! Talk to you soon!

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