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Hey y’all! I finally woke up this morning and felt a little better than I have been the last week. I am not one to just sit and rest, I like to be busy so being sick has not been easy! But, I’m just thankful that today has been a good day so far:)

Anyways, I wanted to spend this week talking about living with kids while maintaining an organized, clean home. There have been seasons in parenting where having a picked up house has seemed absolutely impossible. There are still some days where I feel like all I’m doing is picking up the same toys over and over again, so I just give up and let the house be messy. That’s just life with kids though, right? For those of us that like to have some sort of organization in spite of the messes that kids bring, I have tried to find ways to make my house look the way I want while still being kid friendly. One way that I have been able to achieve this is having multiple places throughout the house where my kiddos things can be stored but it still looks stylish:) So, in honor of being a mom, having young boys, but still incredibly passionate about esthetics, I’m going to spend this week on how to make your house both functional and esthetically pleasing even with little ones running through it all of the time!


The first space I’m going to share this week is our mudroom. I posted a photo of this room beneath our staircase last week, but I wanted to provide you with the sources and just explain what that room is used for. I was going to use it for a cleaning supply closet and extra food storage at first. But the longer I stared at it, the more I felt like it could be used for something way more functional. I was at Ikea and I had walked by these shoe storage units and I felt like I could totally do something creative with them. I have seen this units for years but never had a use for them…until now! The space is very narrow so I needed some shelving in there that was thin and wasn’t going to swallow the whole room. So I decided to get two of these units and they fit perfectly in there! Not only are they cute, but they provide a ton of storage for books, craft paper/supplies, shoes, etc.

The shoe storage units were my first purchase for that space and from there, everything else around it kind of evolved. Its a multi purpose space, coats/crafts/shoes/coloring…but the boys totally love it, and it’s pretty easy to keep clean and organized. It’s an esthetically pleasing, kid friendly space and I absolutely love it!

So anyways, with all of that said, I’m going to list the sources below. I have always wanted a mudroom, I don’t even know why, I just think they are so much fun to decorate. I had designed a really great one in our house in Houston but since we moved, I never got to enjoy it. So when we moved into this house, I was pretty bummed that it didn’t have a cute space to make into a mudroom. The laundry room was too small and the thought of this area beneath the stairs being a mudroom hadn’t crossed my mind….yet:) Sometimes it’s nice to not be impulsive when designing a space. I took my time trying to figure out what this space should be, and I’m super happy with the outcome! So, with all of that said, here are most of the sources for that room! Enjoy:)

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet $99 // https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60156121/?query=HEMNES&icid=iba|us|unbxdsuggestion|201811132211556208_1

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Organizational Wall

-Dry Erase Calendar $29.99 // https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Storage-Organization/Memo-Chalkboards/Monthly-Calendar-Dry-Erase-Board/p/80770454

Black Cork Board $8.99 (I spray painted the board) https://www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Painting-Surfaces/Cork/Cork-Board-with-Wood-Frame—17%22-x-23%22/p/24432

-Paper Holder $12.99 // https://www.target.com/p/metal-wall-pocket-black-project-62-153/-/A-52808808

-Coloring Utensils Basket $36.99 // https://www.hobbylobby.com/Home-Decor-Frames/Storage-Organization/Baskets/Long-Black-Banded-Metal-Basket/p/80769243

-Mason Jars $10.99 12pk  (holding the coloring supplies) https://www.target.com/p/ball-12ct-16oz-glass-mason-jar-with-lid-and-band-wide-mouth/-/A-50624128


-Rug Runner $39.99 // https://www.athome.com/b532-theo-medallion-2.2×6/124240716.html#q=rug+runner&sz=150&start=1

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-Wall Hooks $6.99 // https://www.target.com/p/wall-hook-soft-iron-threshold-153/-/A-51989309


And there you have it! The only things I didn’t list are the two metal decorative art pieces above the crayons because target no longer sells them. They are from the hearth and hand collection last fall! Hope y’all enjoy, and stay tuned for more ways to make your house stylish, functional, and kid friendly!

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