o r g a n i z e.

I don’t know if being organized does all kinds of good things for you, but there is something about everything in your house being in it’s right place that just makes you feel peaceful. After our house was flooded in Houston, we lived in an apartment for a year while we were putting the house back together. We didn’t have any of our own things outside of some clothes, shoes, and a few decor items I purchased emotionally:) That year was absolute chaos…and needless to say, once we moved into our house here in Greenville, I went crazy trying to make everything neat and organized. It just gave me a much longed for sense of peace to have structure in our lives again.

I have always wanted organized cabinets with nicely labeled jars, fancy canisters to hold our snacks in, you know, the Pinterest worthy type of organized. But wow, it’s expensive to do this! There are surely inexpensive ways to do this, but I had a very specific look I was going for and totally refused to buy anything until I could get exactly what I wanted. So it took me a while to accumulate everything I needed, and I’m still not done! But, I can say, it has been well worth it to take it slow and get what I love, not what I can just tolerate. So here is the first a several organized spaces in our house I’m going to show you…isn’t it pretty?!:)

Processed with VSCO with al1 presetProcessed with VSCO with al1 presetProcessed with VSCO with al1 preset

My cabinets and pantry are still a work in progress, but hey, at least I knocked the most used one out! I LOVE to bake. It’s weirdly therapeutic for me. And not to mention all the cozy feels that fill the house when the aroma of some homemade chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven:) So I wanted to get my baking cabinet nice and organized because it just makes baking more fun for me when I know where everything is! So I have all of my most frequently used items in the baking cabinet and all of my extras in our lazy Susan. Which I also just recently organized mildly because it was a hot mess! This is what the extra storage looks like.

I have some more organized spaces I will be featuring this week so stay tuned! Here are some photos/prices and where most of these items are from for those that may be inspired to go out and get what you need to be organized!

1. Glass canister with wood lid is from target. The price ranges between $8.99-$16.99 depending on size


2. Glass spice jars. They are from hobby lobby and on sale right now for $0.99


3. Glass jar for different cooking oils. They are from target and cost $5.99 each.


4. Wood spice rack. It’s also from target and costs $19.99


5. Stickers for labeling. Mine are from hobby lobby. The black stickers are on sale for $1.79 and the white ones are on sale for $2.99

6. All of the white ceramic bowls are from Home Goods. I usually grab one or two bowls or serving dishes when I’m there just to add to my collection. I love hosting things at my house so I can never have enough serving dishes!

Well, there you have it! If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask in the comments below! Hope yall have a great day!

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