d i y d a y.

It’s Friday! Ah, I live for the weekends! I thought it would be appropriate, going into the weekend and all, to do a budget friendly, crazy simple DIY project post. No sewing machine. No paint. No mess. All you need is a good pair of scissors and maybe, not necessary, but maybe some iron-on hemming strips. Sounds like my kind of project:)
When we moved into this house I was instantly drawn to the natural light with all of these gorgeous windows! We didn’t do any window treatment for a month or two because I wanted to get a feel for the living room and start adding some furniture and decor before I worked on the windows. Honestly, I love no window treatment on big windows because it’s so light and bright. But after seeing them bare for several weeks, I decided I wanted to warm up the space. Adding curtains instantly warms up any room.
Let the curtain hunt begin.
I was very specific on exactly what I wanted. I wanted a heavy, linen colored/textured curtain on all the windows in the living room. So I began google searching and so many good curtains came up. I landed on ones from restoration hardware. I know, the most expensive place to buy curtains, but they were perfect. Perfect color, perfect texture, perfect everything except for the price. I would have had to grab a side job to pay for these curtains, and that wasn’t going to happen, so I had to find a way to make it work.
The inspiration:
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Aren’t they stunning?! I love expensive stores. I just don’t love the price! So, I am forced to stretch my creativity and to make an expensive inspiration a budget friendly design.
Y’all, I have found the solution.
So, here’s the secret. Well, to some of you it may be no secret. For all I know I could be years behind this discovery, but I feel the need to share it for those of you who don’t know this is an option.
I was looking on Pinterest to find some sort of idea for linen curtains and I landed on this…canvas painters drop cloths! Say what?! I know, I was just as shocked as you are. But truly, it’s that simple. That easy. And THAT CHEAP! Listen, they are already hemmed on two sides. They come in multiple different sizes! They are super heavy, the perfect color and the perfect texture. (I don’t know how much more I can brag on them)
Side note, they are also dyable. I’ve done it and it works beautifully. I’ll show you those on another day though:)
So with that said, each panel is $13.98 for the size I got which was 6×9. I pleated them at the top, clipped on a curtain ring and….it’s done!
This is truly one of my favorite projects because it’s simple, cost effective, and completely changes the look of your room.
I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Hope y’all have the best weekend!


The pleat:


The finished product:



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