c h a n g e.

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Welcome back! Thank you again so much for taking the time to read what I’m writing and for following along! I was so fearful that once I launched this I would never have anything to write about…and now that I’ve started, I feel like I want to post 5 times a day! Don’t worry though, I will not do that to y’all:) Anyways, I’m going to get right into this. For those of you that don’t know, our home flooded during hurricane Harvey in 2017. I will do several different kinds of posts on this eventually, but for today, I just wanted to share a thought I had the other day on this topic.

SO much life and so much change has taken place since the flood. It was a crazy season from losing our home and everything in it, to rebuilding what I thought was going to be our dream house, to hearing God tell us our time in Houston was up, to moving to South Carolina, starting a new job, our oldest son starting kindergarten, all of us starting over……I’m overwhelmed just typing this! To say the least, its been ALOT of change:) 

After the flood happened, I feel like I spent the majority of my days searching tirelessly for the purpose in all of it. I had finally come to the conclusion that the redemption in the whole process was that I was going to get to rebuild my house and make it exactly what I had always dreamed of it to be. 

I don’t know if any of you are fixer upper fans like me, but I’m a huge fan:) I remember sitting on the couch in my house watching it, and at first I loved it because it allowed me to imagine what my house could look like one day if we ever had the money to renovate it. But then the more I watched it the more upset I would get watching these people walk into their perfectly finished, fully furnished renovated dream house. And I would be like, that’s not fair! I want that! I have all of these big dreams for our house but like, in what world will I ever have that much money to do what I want to it! I’m positive I can’t be the only person who has experienced these rapid emotions during the show….right? Haha, how backwards is that. I should have been celebrating those lovely people but instead I was mad because I couldn’t have what they had! I’ll save that particular thought for another post though:)

Anyways, let me bring this back around to my point. I was given the opportunity to make our ENTIRE house what I had always wanted it to be. And thats exactly what I did. I remember at the beginning thinking “I can’t wait to launch a blog from this.”  “I can’t wait to sit in this newly renovated living room and write about this whole experience.” “I can’t wait to furnish it and take beautiful pictures and bring people along this redemptive journey.”

But lets be honest, life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to.

So lets fast forward to now. I’m not writing from that living room. I’m not taking photos of our beautifully furnished and freshly renovated house to post about. I’m not making dinner and hosting parties in my dream kitchen that I drew up and designed. I’m not living what I thought was supposed to be my redemption story. That’s hard right? When life doesn’t go the way you believed it was supposed to. But what’s so beautiful about this is that what I am living is still redemptive. The house that we are living in now isn’t what I pictured. It isn’t what I imagined. It isn’t what I spent all of my time and money designing in the exact way I desired. But what I do believe it is is the beginning, not to my redemption story that I had created, but to God’s redemption story for our family. Sure, this isn’t the house I pictured our family in, but it is exactly what our family needed. And sure, the window trim isn’t what I sketched and designed, the showers aren’t built with the tiles that I handpicked. But I believe this is the beginning to a journey I couldn’t have written for myself if I tried. 

So with that said, I want to encourage you in this. When life doesn’t evolve the way you had imagined it would, approach each season with an open mind. Don’t be so attached to your ideal that you find your identity in something you have fabricated for yourself. Because the truth is, if it doesn’t work out, if it doesn’t evolve the way you desired it to, who are you then at the end of it? So I’ll leave you with this, be open to what life brings your way. Because you never know where it’s going to take you. 



3 thoughts on “c h a n g e.

  1. Such a great post. I think we as humans just want things to be a certain way. But change is actually a good thing. We like to stay in our comfort zone. But, when we get too comfortable, that means that we’re no longer being challenged which means we are no longer growing.

    I’m trying to become more open minded and not so resistant to change. And honestly, it’s challenging to do so. One step at a time.


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